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RuneScape has had people buying materials

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I am aware that a lot of Jmods are busy on this subreddit so that is why I fear they're gonna hear the minority which wants to make it just as with any other skill in RuneScape. Archaeology is very unique and you men nailed it IMO. Don't destroy it the XP rates due OSRS gold to a few people that don't know how MMORPGs work and you need to commit a lot of time into it. By making a poll in-game rather than on any social networking platform if you're really considering changing something, at least ask for the opinion from the average Joe.

The only thing that I think I would tweak (This is coming from an Ironmeme) would be to set a"minimum" amount of funds in a cache. Feels awful to go to one and have it deplete in one hit only to then run to another to have it do the same. I would make them personal. Can make hopping pointless although not making other people are loathed by me, solving two issues in one go. That would really work if they were made untradable for money.How is that distinct from woodcutting because otherwise accounts would alt-flood every one of them? I thought jagex moved out from sharing resources, its irritating and nothing else. When the hype dies down now there are resources which are completely void of people, it'll be in the future. Its only annoying if somebody comes and then you need to share or hop. And the prices will crash eventually. The same as logs despite being a resource that is shared.

They changed the rules about multilogging to allow and in certain ways while especially, promote it avoiding doing anything about RuneScape players who exploit it to the scale of thousands of accounts. Years ago it was a reportable crime. Playing within an ironman I do not know if the xp prices are really a issue so much as gathering materials is bottlenecking experience when you can get artifacts before you've got the materials to restore you. Even the XP prices are not balanced round the ability you're intended to buy mats out of alts/bots. Comparing ironmen to accounts, ironmen have significantly less than 1/3 that the XP of the equal that is routine. It's a lot nearer to an artisan skill than it's a gathering one.

Running short on hot substances which have only terrible material caches (hi Sivthril!) Is absolute distress. They all should be able to support at least 2 RuneScape players similar to Orthenglass or even Goldrune. It would be horrible game design to equilibrium a skill round the need to buy things from RuneScape players, particularly in a fashion that encouraged botting. There's no way you can inform me firemaking was created for you to go purchase 200k logs that are various and sit tossing them. In the creation of RuneScape, it likely that fletching and firemaking were designed to be ground out by clipping your own logs. If they intended one to buy your stuff for that sort of skill they would not have taken as long to add a grand exchange to RuneScape.

I have played RuneScape for 16 years and RuneScape has had people buying materials; before GE people did it manually in park that was fally or v west. So you think firemaking was made for people to train by clipping logs that are 200k woodcutting? No, since there will be people who sell and woodcut their logs. There'll always be individuals who do amassing skills but won't use their items on the various manufacturing skill, like fletching, so what to buy RS gold do they do with their additional logs? Sell it to the men and women who don't need to wc and wish fm or even to fletch. You need to be playing with ironman if you wanted a game where you need to assemble of your raw stuff. On a main cutting a hundred logs one hour so that you may fletch them is not efficient and when you can easily create 10m + / hr pvming buy tens of thousands of logs.

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