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How To Get Free Rocket League Keys

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The most straightforward way of getting keys in Rocket League is to purchase them from the in-game menu. Purchasing keys directly from the in-game menu supports the developer, and a part of the proceeds go towards funding the Rocket League eSports scene. Keys purchased in-game cannot be traded for 7 days to protect users against fraudulent charges, so keep that in mind.

How To Get Free Rocket League Keys

This is what some of you are here for. Let’s face it, the game doesn’t give one an obvious way of getting keys for free like you might be able to in some F2P mobile games. There are, however, several ways to get Rocket League keys without spending your cold hard cash. They are:

Trade items to other players for keys

Trade crates to other players for keys

Using trade-ups for betters items and trading upgraded items

Trading items from RLCS events for Keys

Trade Items To Other Players for Keys

This is the simplest way. If you have items that other players want, you can trade them for items that you want. There are several places I’m going to recommend for you to go to trade without fear of getting scammed

Trade Crates To Other Players for Keys

If you are not going to use keys to open crates up yourself, this is a good way to get free rocket league keys. Crates drop regularly during online play. When new crates types come out, that is the best time to trade them as they can go for nearly a key a piece or 2 crates for a key. Other crates will fetch a much lower piece.

Using Trade Ins for Better Items and Trading Upgraded Items

With the newest update to the training up system there are some valuable items you can pull from the trade in system. In other to trade in your items, you need to trade in an item of the same rarity. The trade in system is shown in the video below:

One of the more up to date trade in simulators out there is RL Market’s simulator. You can go there and see what items you can get. As of this post, it does not include the new banner updates so it’s a little out of data, but still helpful. Some valuable trade items you can obtain for free would include:

Any painted octane

Any painted breakout

Titanium white octane

White painted boosts

Painted banners

Opening Crates without Keys – Decryptors

During certain events like the Christmas event, you can purchase decryptors with in-game free currency for a limited amount of them. You can use this currency to purchase decryptors which are usually capped at 5. To maximize your returns, it would be best to use all your points for the special event crates and trade them away while the event is going on for free Rocket League keys.

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