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I know a good deal of individuals are turned off from the images

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I know a good deal of individuals are turned off from the images but after a week or old school runescape gold so of playing it will click and you will notice that it is really an amazing art style that will never change regardless of what year it is. I've learned long ago graphics do not make a good game. It is the content and gd does osrs have it. Take an open mind, try it out and understand that you are likely to be mistaken for a couple weeks. When you get the hang of how everything works it will become jumanji. A sport you'll never completely leave.

I have such an odd connection with OSRS. It is incredibly nostalgic for me, and as others have expressed, I absolutely love the art style and songs. However, because a predominately casual player nowadays it just feels difficult to be relevant at all--"keeping up" is obviously out of the question. The final go around I felt an exaggeration and went back to it I just remember becoming sad when I ran the numbers for how long doing xyz job would take me, and how many times my lame casual ass would have to achieve it. Even dedicating 100% of my gaming time (that I am more and more reluctant to do as I get older) every day so many things just seem out of reach.

OSRS is one of those MMO. I blame it not being able to get into games like WoW. One is a sandbox I mean and you is a themepark, they adventures. The only real similarities is that they feature a persistent world along with participant trading. And the participant trading is similar on a very surface level.

Ive played with runescape before but dont undrstand what's fascinating about runescape? Im not hating it, im curious to understand why people are hook. Everything seems repetitive and you also do can you buy gold on old runescape the same exact things for days like mining for exp, cut on trees for hours, kill some mobs, replicate. Until you kill somebody, like using one ability pvp combat is. I dont find it fun in any way. Why?

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