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Fukong doing precisely the same issue is unexpected

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Fukong doing precisely the same issue is unexpected, but it's notable for a company that seems to buy OSRS gold be in some trouble. One wonders if RuneScape will be around for much longer.

RuneScape Player Drops On Microtransactions, Proves Concerns Over Pay-To-Play Plans Are Valid

Disappointment over microtransactions in hot online fantasy RPG RuneScape has come to a head recently, after a report from the UK House of Commons about high levels of spending in games. Curious about RuneScape's pay-to-play practices started in 2012 when RuneScape introduced an opportunity game named Squeal Of Fortune that gave benefits, such as armor, in-game money, or experience points. Players had chances to win if they played real cash.

Squeal Of Fortune was later replaced by Treasure Hunter, which gave players the ability to open loot box-like treasure chests with keys which could be earned or bought. It wasn't until player backlash over the Prize Pool promotion, which let players gamble their Treasure Hunter winnings for prizes that are greater, that many believed RuneScape programmer Jagex had crossed a line.

At the House of Commons report, Jagex's Director of Player Experience Kelvin Plomer stated that players may only spend up to £1,000 per week or £5,000 per month. However, this number appears to come from a standpoint, instead of from trying to how to get coins on old school runescape protect players. Of course, it didn't stop 1 player from building up a debt that caused"significant financial injury" to both his parents.


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