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In RuneScape 3 (they are not impacting Old-School RuneScape

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In RuneScape 3 (they are not impacting Old-School RuneScape with this change) they're changing the character names and a few of the dialogue so that OSRS gold all the characters now have different names. The reasoning for the change is the fact that it is fairly insensitive and borderline racist to decrease every personality in the region into a condensed racial stereotype (such as if you were to start calling black people"Jamal" or Oriental people"Zhou"). Some of us aren't pleased with the change since it's removing a joke that's been in Runescape game for more than ten years.

Edit: I need to explain - Lots of people are bringing up the quest"The Feud" in reaction to the, and I didn't mention it. This quest is the article of content inside this region, and it's the context in which the dialogue will be changing. However, the"Ali" item is a side joke in the quest, and changing the names wouldn't really have an effect on the quest besides removing a couple throwaway lines.

The true story of the quest is attempting to find"the world's biggest merchant" Ali Morrisane's long-lost nephew, and in the process, becoming sucked into a gang war between the Menaphites along with the Bandits. Through the process you have to buy a lot of things from several retailers in Pollniveach, that end up using business relationships with Ali Morrisane, and the punchline is that you just got conned into buying a bunch of stuff from his enterprise, making him really"the world's greatest merchant".

I struggle to see how it was insensitive, or detrimental. After I did quests around that area I wasnt thinking"haha look at those dumb arabians with all their names being the same", nor did I think any of arabians or their culture because all the characters shared the same name. It was a enjoyable and positive experience that didnt affect arabians in any way. Idk is kind of my triggerpoint to where Im starting to think some people are just looking for offensive things in which there arent any.Some Tips to make runescape more diverse

Since Jagex eventually did what everyone was asking for, and altered the desert Ali's names to more diverse selection, I believe there are various additional places Jagex could improve on, since I think Gielinor has plenty of chances to move away from bigoted and shallow stereotypes, while still enabling a more diverse range of unique people to be represented. Seriously? They are called people. Calling them names is insulting, and Dwarf has long been a term used to refer to individuals that cheap RS gold are born briefer, and makes them one dimensional personalities.

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