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I would need to log out to avoid

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Together with the current parameters (with the rule which triggers strikes when there is a 50-level difference between monster and character), characters at level 150 or above Kamas Dofus Retro will no longer be attacked by the majority of the classic monsters.Monsters' behavior beyond combat will also be altered: monsters will persistently (but slowly) try to approach characters walking through their part of the map. It is going to be important to not stop in one place for a long time on a map that has monsters that might attack your personality. Monsters' movement outside of combat's frequency has not changed.

Monster attacks can interrupt harvests. You'll have to be cautious when sending a low-level character to gather resources in significantly higher-level areas.However, the delay between detection by a monster and the start of an assault must be long enough for attentive harvesters to prevent most attacks.We allow aggressive monsters to disrupt harvests so as to prevent characters (with the action queue) from harvesting freely on maps which have critters that are supposed to assault them.

We believe that attacks by monsters are sometimes a mechanic that is useful for producing exploration more exciting. We don't want particular characters to be able to skip this mechanic completely in areas where we need it to apply consistently.We do not eliminate the possibility of finally letting characters utilize Achievements or consumables to protect themselves from attacks, however we do not want to utilize these as generic mechanisms.A monster may detect multiple characters to assault in the field of vision. Will be the one it detected; in the event of a tie, the personality will be attacked by it. Let's face it... these monsters are simply not nice.

So would this imply that just as I go afk for a piece I would need to log out to avoid if I am standing at a map with mobs in it being? A great deal of areas won't let you depart through havenbag although with entering haven bag this can be prevented. Also, there are a good deal of multiaccounters (such as me). There are would I need to log the remainder of my characters out to prevent being aggroed? (provided that I cannot escape havenbag).

This is nice and all...'cept the bwork/wabbit thing. This is going to make multiclienting in those areas beyond obnoxious, and while I'm all for not giving things this is ridiculous. Also I feel Cheap Dofus Kamas is necessary to point out that a lot of people play this Dofus game over others since they do not have really good internet, and turn based battle is far more flexible with higher lag situations (I, as an instance, regularly have over a 1000ms ping... and almost never have under 300) and including a reactionary system feels really out of place.

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