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This is the core of the matter

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This is the core of the matter. It is the reply to OSRS gold every question. The change will be efforts to leverage assets for revenue. If you feel you can change this, that any person or coordinated community activity can change this you are delusional.Jagex has not been Jagex since the Gowers made the choice to sell their stakes in the company. Jagex has become an asset. This won't ever change. Those companies bought Jagex that they would receive a return on funds invested. This is normal business reasonable and practice.

The current owners of Jagex are a Chinese firm. They don't care. They will never care. And they will continue to set goals for Jagex to meet in terms of ROI. And that I can only imagine these goals will become more competitive over time due to the dire fiscal situation the parent company currently finds itself in.An"unsubscribe day" will do nothing. That you must unsub and mean it, if you want to send a message. I stopped playing almost 6 months past for reasons. I really don't wish to pay cash so that I won't to become upset and frustrated. I follow RS to see if there is a change of management that will induce me to sub again. Thus far, no.

This livestream delivered precisely what it always went to deliver. At least this could be seen by me, and I bet I am not the only one. Why? Since JMods do not care? No. Because they have the power to modify nothing. See above facts about earnings and ownership. MTX is not the issue here. Runecoins are MTX. TH keys are MTX. All of the MTX ranting and foaming at the mouth is pointless because it simply makes the men and women who do it seem stupid. As if they can not make distinctions.

TH is the issue here. Not MTX. The process of shipping is obnoxious. Gambling mechanics in gambling are obnoxious. Mechanics in games marketed to and played my minors are immoral and should be illegal. I think they will be prohibited in most authorities. Apart from the matter with the system of shipping, Jagex has a right to sell whatever they need in their online shops. When it is game advancement, makeup, pets - that option is theirs. Runescape players have a choice to buy or not to Old School RuneScape Gold buy. It is that simple. Exactly the way you've got a choice not to sub or to sub.

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