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Hassan Whiteside includes a 87 rating in nba 2K20

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In 2K19, I saw something on the web that said Andrew Wiggins had the legendary work ethic badge. I thought it was a joke, but I checked in it and 2K20 MT nope it was real lol. Magic also has 99 margin D and Bird eyesight is from the 70s. If they are so hilariously incorrect on a few of the all time greats, just imagine just how far off they are about pretty much everybody else. So many men have way too great of 3 point ratings. RJ Barrett is from profound like a B.

Giannis is also far better in 3s/mid range in NBA 2K20 compared to real life, which makes him a cheat code. Yeah he than Jordan at 2K. It is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure Giannis has a greater rate with ball rating than Trae too.He has more strides and Trae is not really a fast runner, he can quicken and has fast hands tho.In 2K, it's how well you can move while you're the ball handler. That's why Isiah Thomas and Steve Nash have rate with ball ratings from the mid-high 90s. Trae has I feel that an 84.

Yeah 87 dropped on me in myleague in just 4 quarters and there was literally. He pretty much took every shot. I perform HOF and I ended up beating on him. It is just ridiculous how unstoppable he is in 2K lol. I play a modified King's team. I'd Gobert at heart and Mo Bamba at PF but Giannis just kept drawing smh or dunking in my men. What degree of difficulty do you play on?

I play tougher sliders than HOF, such as turning the cpu's awarenesses and consistencies greater, their shot making higher and all mine lower than HOF, and some other things greater for cpu like on ball protection since they can not guard me as men like westbrook if I don't. Because 2K has gotten easy on HOF for me, I have been turning my sliders also. I simply run into trouble players along with a couple trouble teams. Do you run with? He will run every moment to past Gobert, especially. And of course he conducts to get open so there. I waited at the post of him and user-controlled Gobert and he dunked 80% of this time.

I got splashed on from the Mavericks and played my career only today. Luka was allegedly leading the league with a 64 percent percentage from 3 70 games. Giannis is essentially a glitch and although his rating is exactly like Brons there is nothing of true significance in 2K he does not do better than him because of how they normally factor in height versus rating.Yeah the rookie stats are the most wild. Rookies are always overrated. Cam has come to be fairly good from the mid century, but he's got a 50-something rating from there. He has an 80 dunk though he's missed over half of his dunks lol. I must go in because 2K is on crack and screw with the ratings of everyone.

Only reason we buy it and play with it there is a lot because there's literally no competition. It sucks cause it doesn't simulate basketball nicely. You can get excellent at NBA 2K20 but it's basically by learning NBA 2K20 of both 2K rather than NBA 2K20 of basketball. I've been building the sliders for my league and I believe with the ideal tuning it's possible to Buy NBA 2K MT get close to some simulation that is decent.

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