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The conclusion of the Dofus pursuit

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The reunification narrative will have its own bundle of revelations. Some of the personalities you've known will look in a different light... You will need to make Kamas Dofus Retro decision and assume full responsibility for it in the future. Because, as you can imagine, the conclusion of the Dofus pursuit does not mean that the end of Dofus game! It will be the beginning of a chapter which will lead you to paths that are unexpected. If you must know, having access to electricity that makes you equal to a god can have serious consequences...Can you live up to the expectations that the Powers of those Krosmoz are of you?

If I remember correctly, there was a short time when gear made from dungeon bosses required completing the dungeon accomplishments to be worn out. That was shifted for good reason. I think the notion of gear exclusive to people who have completed all 6 Dofus quests is misguided. People who have united the 6 Dofus will probably have hardly any other PvM content remaining for them to conquer (contemplating these quests will need finishing all high level dungeons, all alignment quests, and maximum level in a couple of professions). Just PvP of whom who don't have access to the legendary equipment? And how can the"next thing" justifiably contain a significant quantity of content, if most Dofus players will not be able to access it?

I used to love increasing pets, soul eaters... Why removing this attribute, of owning some pets increased via sources, and a few via souls feeding? I really don't get that, actually... The only thing that probably had to be achieved would be to improve soul eaters stats over resources eater pets, because the second doesn't entail that long and risk as the very first; and maybe some balancing, to ensure stats given by spirit eater pets correlate with the difficulty of killing the dinosaurs they eat, and with the amount of spirits necessary to get maximum stats.

I will be that frustrated, if the spirit gets obliterated in the Dofus game. I don't remember anyone complaining about this particular method. They were just suggestions, like the one stated earlier, to balance the difficulty of the mobs necessary to be killed with the maximum stats supplied by the spirit eater pets.I guess from this fresh update pets won't be among my favorite thing in game.I feel dumb for buying already not 1, not 2... but 8 ceremonial lil dragons (I forgot name) with irl money, because I won't be needing them anymore. Before those lil dragons were on shop for irl money a revamp obliteration of soul eater pets is about to come, The reason why we haven't been told?

The area where monsters attack has been gradually decreased over the years (and is now down to one mobile about each monster), but the monster assault mechanic has not changed since Dofus game first came out. Update 2.45 will present a new system to Buy Dofus Kamas for handling monster aggression which we expect will be less frustrating and simpler to comprehend. Monster attacks in DOFUS are seen as a useless constraint. We feel there is a good monster aggression system an interesting gameplay mechanic Even though there may be valid criticisms of the way in which it is currently implemented.

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