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And this is why skilling will never be worthwhil RuneScape

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Meaning you take the identical quantity of cheap RS gold time to hit 99 but the xp just scales differently if it means that you average at 70 cooking however, you can calculate at in 97. I mean this will frighten some HLC people that already have 200m abilities as it"devalues" their'achievement' but theres only kind of asinine. 99 vs 200m at a skill gives advantage to zero, as everyone put the same number of hours in and a 99 cape will still mean the same thing.

Not so much as a flop because drop tables were shifting. Stone spirits where made instead of getting them from 16, to encourage mining for the ores drops. Every ore fall in RuneScape has been replaced with the equivalent quantity of stone spirits, without describing them to much but basically they double each ore you mine when they are used by you. In conjunction of the stone/ore change with the mining and smithing rework (which devalued all ores since they reduced their alch values and the amount to gather them) it considerably lowered the value of these drops. While it doesn't feel good going from an 80,800k, rune ore fall into a 80,36k,stone soul fall the reduction in value would of happened regardless if they kept the ores on the table or maybe not due to the new way lichee alch rates. Folks were just used to every drop from a boss.

And this is why skilling will never be worthwhile, because any time somebody provides practical solutions individuals see it as an assault on PvM, which has pretty much 100% of endgame uniques and enormous amounts of number in directors, gameplay loops, and even allows for multiple approaches to complete the content. Skilling should be more varied and have as much complexity as PvM if it's ever going to be enjoyable, and if it's going to be well worth doing PvMers need to stop seeing economy balance as an assault on the most popular, profitable, and total content in RuneScape.

Can adding stone spirits add assortment loops, or multiple strategies? Im defensive because I experienced rock spirits on RS3 and dont need the mistake repeated. Pvmers hate it, skillers hate it, it is not won with by anybody. If you want skilling to have value jagex can start with creating articles which isnt brainless click-the-node-and-watch-it-go that any idiot could program a bot for or some Venezuelan can farm into the floor (looking at you zalcano). I really don't think rock spirits would add variety, and I believe RS3 is a fantastic example of an economy adjustment but it wasn't followed up with raising the depth of skilling.

Stone spirits in themselves aren't for balancing the market, a bad idea, but it needs to come along with scale revamps of skilling plays. I also realize today that I came on a bit sexy, but I feel that this sub drops into when speaking about revamping skilling not being worth it since they are unrewarding and a waste of time. We shouldnt rebalance resource economy since skilling is boring. Neither is a problem When we fix both.Since I've never had more than maybe like 3 million gold at any 1 time, I also try to save money by processing items myself, like cutting oaks and having them cut to planks at the wc guild as opposed to purchasing planks off the ge. I like this also gets instead of buying oak logs from ge me expertise. Once lunar charms are unlocked by me however I could probably increase the efficacy, and that would instruct wc AND magic. I love you are able to go in an infinite cycle of gaining exp from all kinds of tasks and how every skill complements every skill. Like, I will farm exp in the motherlode, then take my ores to blast furnace to process them. Then I purchase feathers to buy RuneScape gold put onto them and'll turn the metals. (and chop wood and whittle it if I'm producing them arrowtips)


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