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Should I begin playing OSRS?

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I have not played Runescape when I was a kid and OSRS gold not one of my buddies did because it was not popular in our nation. MMORPGs and I have played before and I enjoy them. However, what I feel like with OSRS is they can appreciate it because of that and that people are enjoying it for nostalgia. In addition, I feel as I know nothing about RuneScape when everyone understands everything and they had friends who would instruct them when they were a child. While I look for guides and things I feel as they are directed towards individuals who already understand the fundamentals of RuneScape. But I don't. I tried starting RuneScape but I was missing after a while.

I still find myself wanting to play with it because it looks like a pleasure and basic MMORPG. But I see people complaining about RuneScape and how it's gone worse, the way that it is a bad game and it was sooo much better a few years back I become confused. To summarize, I am simply asking if it's worth starting to play RuneScape in 2020 if I do not have the nostalgia aspect. Turns out I wrong and no one plays it for nostalgia rn lol. I reinstalled RuneScape and started my journey on ruining my life! Thanks everybody for giving me advice, helping me and clearing my confusion. If anyone wants to add me in RuneScape.

When OSRS came out people played with it for nostalgia 7 decades back. The feeling fades, when you get back into the regular. Nowadays OSRS is a very different monster to RuneScape it was 12-15 decades ago. Completely different mindset of the community, different meta, distinct grind, distinct goals. There have been numerous QoL improvements and modernizations to RuneScape (particularly with third party clients like RuneLite) while still maintaining that original flavor.

So, I'd say that there are VERY few players that play RuneScape for the sake of nostalgia alone, as it did years ago and even if this IS your intention, it will never really feel exactly the same. I'd also recommend using a client like RuneLite (create 100% certain that you download the OFFICIAL RuneLite client) if you intend to play more seriously. Then just use the vanilla client, if your goal is simply to perform for the sake of nostalgia.

People and OSRS are not playing just or RuneScape would be years ago. It's the best MMO of all time; it's well written quests, great music and ton of freedom and things to accomplish. RS3 for 2 years since 2010 and I played till I came to OldSchool, and that I was astonished of the energy of neighborhood maintened RuneScape and made it better. But if you're lacking in OSRS of direction or motivation, try to focus on a target and unlock all content that is possible to achieve it. For example, because I started at OSRS, I've already been using the OSRSWiki Optimal Quest Guide to receive a quest point cape, since in my match style I do not like to train everything without unlocking all of the goodie articles and enjoying the rewards of the quests:-RRB- Enjoy and rs gold 2007 be free playing.

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